All our programs are developed by experts in each field.


All our theories, methods, exercises, and activities have been studied, tested, and proven to be highly successful. This combination of people and products combined together is one of a kind and world-leading methodology.

We have specifically designed programs

to accommodate all during COVID-19. 




This is a NEW program we are offering to all our clients during COVID-19 to make it convenient for those who want to develop leadership/ wellness skills in the comfort of their own homes/ conference rooms/offices.

You will have online group/ individual sessions with our facilitators for your theoretical training part.

Practical training with the horses, we will facilitate groups of up to 10 delegates at a time. Should you wish to do larger groups you can "bank" your experiential training for a later stage when more suitable for the client.


In order to receive your attendance certificate, you will have to complete your practical sessions within 6-months after your online training.


Leadership Development

Leadership is about relationships and relationships are not possible without communication.  

This program is designed to grow delegates from the leaders they are to the leaders they can be.

Lead by example means being clear about what you want, understanding those you work with, the way they think and communicate in order to create an enthusiastic and supportive relationship. 


Horses do not have a personal agenda.

They just respond to who and how you are at any moment. 100% of the horse’s communication is non-verbal. They do not understand words, so you cannot smooth talk them. They are experts in non-verbal communication and they are big and powerful. Intimidation is not an option. 


As you learn to lead a horse without words and force, you will develop the personal skills to lead your own team by example.

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This program is designed for smaller companies or one-off events. (All sessions will be done at Mount Riviere Stables, Pretoria East).

Groups not larger than 10 delegates at a time during COVID-19.


Social Development

We have a program designed specifically for unprivileged schools offering the horseman leadership program for their teachers and pupils with the help from corporate sponsors, please contact us regarding this.

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Wellness Development

Core Principles




Limitations: Time/Money

Warning signs and symptoms

2. Mindfulness



Slowing down/living in the present


3. Problem Solving/Control

Control circle

Locus of control

Active/conscious living


Open Days

Comodex Horseman Leadership offers open days to individuals or groups who would like to participate as an individual. Here we focus on Self-esteem, self-development, confidence and productivity of the individual themselves.


Ages 12 years and up are welcome. Please keep an eye on our news page,


Facebook page or subscribe to our monthly newsletter to be notified of open days’ dates.

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Corporate Programs

Exclusively developed for corporate or larger companies.  


This program consists of 3 parts-


Part 1 being theory on Leadership and team dynamics. (All sessions will be done in-house/ online during COVID-19)

Part 2 being theory on Wellness (All sessions will be done in-house/ online during COVID-19)

Part 3 is an experiential learning session with the horses. (At Mount Riviere Stables, Pretoria East)


Groups for experiential learning sessions will not be larger than 10 delegates at a time during COVID-19.


Schools program

Please contact us regarding our Primary and High School programs suited for learners aged 12+. 


We have partnered with Rise Against Hunger and for every 10 people booked on our program we support one child for a full year.


Please visit their webpage to see what they are about and to get involved.


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