The Horseman Leadership Program is based in Pretoria East, Gauteng, South Africa. 


This program is exceptional in the sense that it uses human and equine (horse) interaction to demonstrate leadership competencies and development opportunities for growth.





























The obvious breakdown:

Leadership: (from old English) “To show the way, guide, cause to go with one, to have the quality of...”
Horse: The ancient archetype of strength, courage, dignity, power, honour, beauty, endurance, resilience, mystery and integrity.

Horses are extremely canny herd animals that only respond to good leadership and instinctively challenge leadership competencies. They don’t have a personal agenda. They just respond to who and how you are at any moment. Horses are intuitive and heavily reliant on their highly tuned instincts to survive. In order to survive they have to be masters of the skills you want to develop. The remarkable thing is they can teach us these skills in an easy, enjoyable yet profound way.

Horse herds comprise of different roles for individuals that make up the heard dynamic as it relates to their social structure. The roles of the lead-mare group the responsibilities towards the foals, young mares, young horses and the leader stallion's relationships. This scenario creates an ideal analogy of human grouping structures and behaviour. This social structure is designed to ensure the survival of the ‘herd’ that will automatically lead to the welfare of its members.

Horses pay attention to what is happening to themselves and others in the moment, they have flexible leadership skills to suit the environment and do not play politics. In a remarkable way they give direct, clean and timely feedback on how people are performing. Their feedback ensures participants learn very quickly and accurately. In effect each participant receives a bespoke training – providing learning opportunities completely relevant to them right now. The horses through their communication with participants create a space for profound and sustainable learning.

Our focus points for participants are:


What if some of the participants are scared of horses?
It is not unusual for many of the participants to be anxious or scared when it comes to working with horses. We do have experienced guided supervision at all times and help participants to understand a horse and their nature better in a safe manner. We also teach the participants to gain confidence, power and to create a connection when around the horse. This in itself stretches leadership capabilities.


No horse experience is necessary to part take in the program. Safety measures are carefully reviewed for each program. We concentrate on both the human and the horse and our aim is to generate a successful out bring on both the human and horse. 

We strive to let the human and horse finish the program without using force. All work is done from the ground, thus no riding of horses.

Self Awareness


Overcome Fears






He holds a B.Com Degree from University of Potchefstroom, with majors in Personnel and Business Psychology, Sociology and Business Economics. He has 30 years’ plus experience in Human Resource Development and mobilization experience in specifically the mining environment. Adriaan has lifetime experience training and managing horses and competed at various levels of different equestrian disciplines. His family is well known in the equestrian society and has numerous competition accolades.

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He holds a M Phil degree in Business Ethics from the University of Johannesburg. He is currently busy with his PHD thesis on the topic Virtues and the Meaning of Life which closely relates to the content of the Horseman Leadership Program. He has a lifetime experience in leadership development and is passionate about motivating people to become the leaders they can be.  


She is the owner of Mount Riviere Stables and professional Showjumper with a competitive background since 1997. Tanya established herself in the equine industry as a producer of competitive horses and riders. She utilizes her skills and insight into the horse’s behaviors to successfully guide delegates through a self-awareness experience. She has experience in Equine Assisted Leadership Development since 2012 and experience in coaching riders of all ages since 2009.


Ilé is a Counselling Psychologist registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). She completed her Masters degree at the University of Pretoria and has been working in private practice since 2014. Ilé is trained in Interactional Pattern analysis (IPA), sport psychology and experiential learning. She has experience in leadership and communication development and is a licensed Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) practitioner, which focuses on Whole Brain Thinking and development. Ilé has participated and competed in horse riding since childhood and has always had a passion for horses.

Visit her website: http://ileschutte.co.za/

Lead Instructor for Comodex Horseman Leadership and Stable Manager for Mount Riviere Stables

Instructor for Comodex Horseman Leadership and Head groom at Mount Riviere Stables.

Instructor for Comodex Horseman Leadership and a groom at Mount Riviere Stables

Groom at Mount Riviere Stables


Groom at Mount Riviere Stables


Groom at Mount Riviere Stables


Groom at Mount Riviere Stables




Hosts of the Horseman Leadership program experiential learning part interacting with the horses. A Private equestrian yard situated in Pretoria East. The passion and dedication of Tanya Graham and her team towards horses can be felt the moment you enter the premises. Prestigious top quality facilities and the” Flagship “stable yard of the Horseman Leadership Program.


Host of our two day program catering for the theoretical part as well as all meals and overnight accommodation for our programs/ other events.


Host of our two day program catering for the theoretical part as well as all meals and overnight accommodation for our programs/ other events.



Rise Against Hunger is an international hunger relief organization that distributes food and life-changing aid to the world’s most vulnerable, mobilizing the necessary resources to end hunger by 2030.

We have partnered with Rise Against Hunger and for every 10 people booked on our program we support one child for a full year. Please visit their webpage to see what they are about and to get involved.